Alec Baldwin Plays Bill O’Reilly (and DT)

In its first new episode in nearly a month, “Saturday Night Live” featured Alec Baldwin in a double dose of topical comedy, first in the show’s cold open, portraying President Trump as he typically does, then later reprising the role in a sketch where he also played the embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

“S.N.L.,” which was hosted this week by the comedian Louis C.K., began with Mr. Baldwin as Trump, addressing a roomful of perplexed supporters in Union, Ky. “We all love Trump don’t we?” he told the crowd. “We do, we do. I just had an amazing week, folks. I met with leaders from China, Egypt and Jordan. Gorsuch was confirmed and the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about Russia. Well, what a difference just 59 Tomahawk missiles can make.”

Fielding a question from a supporter who said he had lost his coal-mining job, Mr. Baldwin answered, “As president, I promise, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you people work in coal for the rest of your lives. And your kids will work in coal, and your grandkids. It’s going to be incredible.”

He added, “In Trump’s America, men work in two places: coal mines and Goldman Sachs.”


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