Breitbart goes after Tammy Baldwin

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)

The lies and smears are getting even more vicious.

One of the pro-Sheriff Clarke PACs is trying to whip up Breitbart readers by saying inflammatory things about Tammy.

The PAC’s email refers to Tammy as:

“a hard left socialist, in-your-face lesbian, and screaming feminist. SHE MUST GO!”

This is an example of the kind of bigoted, say-anything attacks we have to be ready for from Steve Bannon-founded Breitbart, PACs, and millionaires who want to take Tammy down.

To show these outside groups that Tammy has a grassroots movement behind her, we need a strong response. Give $5 or more to help raise $5,000 before midnight.

Let’s push back and show them we won’t let this kind of bigotry stand and we won’t let outsiders buy this seat.

Team Baldwin


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