== About Us ==

CFC identifies its core values as follows:

Investment in the America: “All Americans must have access to high-quality education and health care. The United States must find new and innovative ways to preserve our natural environment.” CFC advocates smarter government spending on the U.S. infrastructure, Education and Community based initiatives.

It also supports the policy whose ultimate goal, is clean air and clean water and a sustainable economic policy that seeks to empower people.

A Moral Economy: Advocating introduction of living wage laws and CFC declares: “All Americans must have the opportunity to participate in our nation’s economic prosperity. People who contribute to our economy should be able to support their families.”

In CFC’s calculation is that capitalism can work for everyone if we make a concerted effort to include all Americans in the prosperity of our great nation.

Freedom: Reasoning from the premise that the United States is a nation which has a history of injustice and discrimination, CFC believes: “All Americans must have the opportunity to fully participate in our nation’s economic, social, and political life regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or economic status. Our government must uphold individual rights to privacy, the right to keep and bear arms and a woman’s right to choose”.

Security: The U.S. has an overly aggressive posture in world affairs, CFC advises that “the United States must join with other nations, where our national interests are at stake, to fight terrorism and promote peace.”

Global Cooperation: The United States must support security, peace, and development through trade, aid, negotiation where possible, and political engagement. The U.S. should act as a good global citizen and should promote on a global scale to promote the same values it holds domestically.”

With these values in mind, CFC is active with several outreach initiatives, most notably its part-time program that recruits, educates, and guides aspiring political candidates in targeted states that include Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina.

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