== A C T I V I S M ==


  1. Contact the electors for your state directly and tell them your concerns
  2. Contribute to organizations that will oppose Trump and the Republican agenda.
  3. Support independent journalism like the Washington Post and the New YorkTimes
  4. Get engaged on a personal level.  In addition to big national organizations, such as labor unions, the A.C.L.U., and the N.A.A.C.P., civil society comprises countless local groups, including charities, environmental activists, church groups, think tanks, reading groups, peace campaigners, parents’ associations, and youth groups.Contact your Congressman and Senator and tell them to stand up to Trump.
  5. Support local initiatives to resist the Trump and Republican agenda.
  6. Support electoral reform. 
  7. Be smart; violence would only help Trump.
  8. Prepare for local congressional Town Halls during April recess,  or check out this Missing Members of Congress Action Plan.
  9. Talk back; Talking back is the quintessential way for kids to show disrespect, but as psychologists explained, it is also a crucial tactic for resisting oppression and developing an independent personality. When faced with a leader who whines, bullies, berates, insults and threatens, we must hone our skills to intelligently talk back.
  10. Make fun; The value in using satirical comedy to deflate Trumpism is even greater than its external political impact, though. Practicing satire and using irony can make you smarter and more creative.
  11. Call your member of Congress to defend the Affordable Care Act.  Congress still wants to repeal Obamacare and Trump (aka 45) has many ways to undermine it. Your representatives need to know why the ACA matters to you and why they must not take away our health care.
  12. Call your Senators workers’ rights, immigrant rights and other issues.
  13. Check legislation like H.R. 356 and S. 27 (to create an independent commission to investigate Russian interference in our election) and the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. Info on how to urge your reps to support such important measures can be found here.

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